Megatypers : free data entry jobs

Megatypers is a site which offers to pay for filling out Captcha. Then the question arise that, is Megatypers is scam? Before knowing Megatypers is scam or not, you must know how Megatypers works.

As it describes in the site, Megatypers pays for filling out Captcha. Megatypers is recruiting from all around the world and there are no specific criteria for signing up. You can start earning as soon as you join and the amount you earn depends on the effort you make. The more you work, the more you earn.

How it works?

You can start working in Megatypers, as soon as you complete your registration process. Your work is to solve Captcha images provided and you should type it correctly within 15 seconds. Making mistakes are tolerable, but frequent mistakes may lead to ban of your account. 0they pays you for every 1000 captchas solved. Pay rate is in between $0.5 to $1.5. The faster you type, the more you earn. There are also time periods in which pay rate are high.


Megatypers pays their members through Debit Cards, Bank Checks, PayPal, Web Money, Perfect Money, Payza and Western Union. Minimum threshold differs for options. For PayPal it is $3 and for Western Union, it is $100. So PayPal is the recommended payment option.


Megatypers also have a referral program. You will earn 10% of your referral earnings and there is no limit on it. The more you spread your invitation code, the more you earn. You can generate your own invitation code, so it is easy to remember and share.

Tips to earn fast

  •    There is special time, when pay rate is more than usual. Try to work        more during that time.

  •   You can avoid special characters in the Captcha image, because     they   are optional

  •   They are not case sensitive, so there is no need of typing in capital and    small letters. You can type in the way which is easier to you.

  •   Regular English words can be avoided.

  •   Spread your invitation codes and earn more from your referrals

Megatypers Scam?

We have to admit that we had found complaints from Megatypers members that they were not paid even though they have reached the minimum threshold of $3. That's a big disadvantage of megatypers, but it happens.

So we can't recommend this site even though it is free to join. the pay rate is very low as there are other good ways to earn money online from home without any investment. But to the question if megatypers is scam or not, my answer is, Megatypers is legitimate.

Megatypers invitation codes: 7QFT, 7QFV

Free Data Entry Jobs in India

Are you looking for free home based online jobs without any investment? Do you want to earn money online at free of cost?

Then, I would prefer online Data Entry jobs. Data entry jobs are the best job you can try for free and no experience or skill is needed for this work. So if you are new and don’t have any experience in online jobs, then it is best to start from Data entry jobs.

There are several sites which offer Data Entry jobs, but only few pays regularly to their members. So it is important to select the right site for working. Some companies require paying a membership fees for signing up and doing data entry jobs. But there are several companies which offer you free services.

If you have a computer and internet connection in your home, then you can start right now and can make money with this. I am listing some of the major sites which offer data entry jobs for free. If you find any of them as a fraud/scam, please inform me by commenting here.

1.   Offline Typist Jobs

Offline Typist Jobs offer free offline data entry jobs and online data entry jobs. You can download files as images and convert it with Ms-word and submit it within 15-30 days. According to your accuracy level, you can earn $5 to $20 per page.

For doing data entry jobs, you must have a typing speed of 30-50 words per minute. You must convert the jpeg files with Ms-word and no data conversion softwares are allowed. You must convert it by typing only. Also you must have accuracy above 97%, otherwise your project will be rejected and no payments will be made.

Payments are made to you within 10 days after submitting your work. You can receive money by Demand Draft, money order, bank transfer and Paypal.

For registration visit:

2.   Creative Jobs Inc.

Creative Jobs Inc. is an outsourcing company which provides data entry jobs. The data entry jobs are online works and you need a computer and an internet connection for doing this work. You can do the job from anywhere you like. The payout differs with the complexity in projects, the more complex, the more you get.

Registration is free and there is no hidden charge for signing up. You can also get a sample work before joining and you can just review the work by doing it.

For registration visit:

3.   Select Online Jobs

Select Online Jobs is one of the most popular online job resources and it offers free data entry jobs. You want to register and submit a resume for getting hired. Data entry jobs are provided by international companies to get their work outsourced at an affordable rate.

Registration process is free and simple. Get registered and hired by international companies and generate a genuine income from home.

For registration visit:

I had listed only three sites which I had reviewed personally and feel they are legit genuine sites. If anyone found that this are fraud/scam, please inform me to update this.

Top 5 Affiliate Programs in India

Affiliate programs are the best way to earn money from your blog/website. If you are having a website/blog with good traffic, then you can earn a lot of money from the affiliate programs. Affiliate programs help the webmasters/bloggers to make extra revenue for referring visitors to their sites, services and online mart. When the referred visitor makes a purchase of products or service, the site /blogger gets a commission for the referral from the providers.

But is not an easy task to earn money from affiliate programs. You must have a website/blog which is having high traffic and you must have good content which will convert into sales. Most of the blogs use ads to generate revenue, but affiliate programs give more money than ads. But for a beginner, it is not easy to make good revenue. He must have good content and traffic.

For example, if are having a blog on gadget reviews and write good reviews about the gadgets. Then give an affiliate link for buying that product. The visitor will never know that it was an affiliate link. Most of the affiliate programs provide cookies which last for one month. So you will get a commission when he buys a product within one month.

Affiliate programs in India are still in its beginning stage. So it is hard to make money from affiliate programs in India. But there are several affiliates program in India which are in the pioneer stage and are offering good incentives for referral sales.

Here in this article, I am discussing about the best popular affiliate programs in India, which is suitable for website owners and bloggers.

1.   Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart is the leading online mart in India and its having an affiliate program for publishers and bloggers. Flipkart affiliate program is the most popular affiliate program in India

As it is the popular one in its category, the conversion rate is very high and you can make easy money if you are having a good niche blog on offers, product reviews, gadgets, etc.

Signing up with flipkart affiliate program is very easy and can create it with in some simple steps. There is no need of any approval and you can sign up with flipkart affiliate program very easily in less than a minute.

The image below is for illustrative purposes only - please note that commission rates may change over time, so the payout amount would change accordingly.


2. Affiliate Program is the internet subsidiary of Times of India group and it is the oldest online shopping sites in India. They have launched an affiliate program in association with Shoogloo Network powered by OMG (UK).

Indiatimes Shopping has a wide range of products over 7 Million products from different categories including from books, music, movies, electronics, apparel, accessories and jewellery.

The signing process is easy although it needs approval.

3. Affiliate Program is the popular matrimonial website which offer affiliate program to Indians. For every paid subscription to the site generates you a commission. All you want to do is to give a banner/text links to your blog/website.

All affiliates earn 75% of the initial subscription price. Those affiliates who generate over 10 subscriptions in a month can receive upto 100% of the initial subscription revenue for all subs that month - not just those over 10.

The image below is for illustrative purposes only - please note that subscription prices may change over time, so the payout amount would change accordingly.

4.   Makemytrip Affiliate Program

Makemytrip is the website for travel booking purposes and if you are having a travel blog or website, then this is the must join affiliate program for you.

Makemytrip affiliate program offers attractive commission rates. You can earn around 3%-5% commission on domestic flight bookings and can earn Rs.500 for international flight booking. For hotel bookings, you can earn upto 8% commission.

5.   GoDaddy Affiliate Program

GoDaddy affiliate program is the best in its category and now it is launched in India. It is targeting the Indian customers with variety of offers and discounts, so it is the right time to go with GoDaddy affiliate program.

GoDaddy affiliate program offers attractive commission rates and the signing process is very easy. If you have bought any domain with GoDaddy, then you are their affiliate and you can just start earnig money by referring new customers.

The image below is for illustrative purposes only - please note that commission rates may change over time, so the payout amount would change accordingly.

C$1.99 .Com at!

Vanish Yourself From the Internet with

When it comes to quit from any websites or services, it is hard to find the option for deleting the account in some sites. It is simple to delete account in some sites and it is hard in some other sites.  So it is not an easy task to vanish from the internet. The main problem is to track down all your online accounts. allows you to vanish from the internet with one click. It provides an easy-to-use directory of direct links to delete your account from web services. It is not only a web directory, but it also informs you hard it is to delete your account.

Cashunite : earn through social networks

I had come across a new website today, As it is in the prelaunch state, it is unable to say more about cashunite. We want to wait until cashunite launches to say more about its legibility and working. I had joined cashunite and I am waiting for more updates and news from cashunite.

Is cashunite a scam?

As it is in the prelaunch state, it is unable to say more about it's legibility. lets hope cashunite is not scam and can wait for more from the cashunite team.

As per the cashunite website, it is the World's first, Multi-Social Network platform, enhancing a user’s ability to simultaneously connect and interact across their social networks, through one hub. Cashunite social hub allows you keeping in touch with your friends and family quicker and easier.

With the cashunite social hub, you will be able to avail your friends, family, colleagues and contacts in your fingertips and you can share your ideas, experiences, pictures, music, opinions etc. to your networks seamlessly.
CashUnite makes all the major social networks in the world under one platform and creates an automated cash generating social hub. Thus cashunite shares profit with you every single day with their Peer-to-Peer Social Profit Share System!

You want to pay just $9.99* to take part in cashunite Digital Partner Program where you can earn an unlimited Monthly Residual Income promoting your multi social suite to others. From this amount you pay, $2.50 is added to your account and you can start earning with CashUnite as soon as you join. By joining cashunite, you can earn an uncapped Monthly Residual Income from anywhere in the world!

As it is in the prelaunch state, now they are offering a total $18000 as a prize in their launching event. You can begin building your social networks now by inviting as many friends as possible to CashUnite. When your friends register for free as you did, and their friend's friends and so on and so forth, you are building your levels of connection. These levels of connections add to your earning potential with CashUnite when they launch!

There is an option for calculating what you can potentially earn with cashunite. If you give the number of friends you have in your social network, they will calculate with it and show you the amount you can earn. I just gave 10 and got the potential earning as $12,949.19 and it is shown below.

JOIN NOW itself and start referring your friends. A referrer ID or email is needed for joining this program, so click the above link for joining in Cashunite!!!